Catholic Montessori

Helping Parents to Prepare their Children for Eternity


We are in an age that has a need for a new and well founded way of education, one that allows the human heart and mind to flourish and that helps parents to educate their children physically, psychologically, intellectually, morally, and faithfully.  Parents have the responsibility to help their children get to heaven and to do so by helping them to become what God intends on earth.  This is a serious and weighty task, especially in the midst of a fallen world.  There are many good things in creation, and there are many challenges.  This is why I must communicate to you a way forward that builds upon the great minds of Plato, Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Blessed John Henry Newman, Maria Montessori, and Bernard Lonergan. There are others of course that I use, but these great figures have laid a foundation in understanding the human person that is fundamental, and provide a road map to building our future.  It must be a future built upon the incarnation of our Lord and his creation of a body that carries his gifts to the ends of the earth.  We are the recipients of those gifts.  We form his body.  We are members of his One, Holy , Catholic, and Apostolic Church and so with faithfulness to her teachings and to her ways, we embrace all that is good and true to assist in this little task with little ones that opens the doorways to eternity.  It helps them to remain true pilgrims on earth who receive the mercy of the Good Shepherd and listen to the inner voice of truth and goodness.

About David Fleischacker

In 1998, I met Phyllis Wallbank, a wonderful Montessori trainer, teacher, and leader who revealed to me both the profound discoveries of Montessori, but also how these link to the riches of the Catholic Tradition, with saints such as St. Thomas Aquinas, with Blessed John Henry Newman, and with Bernard Lonergan.  I had been studying all of them deeply since the 1980s.  She opened the doors to a mission in life for which I feel entirely inadequate, but of which I can no longer remain silent. My name is Dr. David Fleischacker.  I am dean of a school of arts and sciences at a Catholic University.  I love my job, my family, my Church, and our Lord.