Many times in education, one will find children being introduced to small pieces of this grand universe and our history with too much missing.  Why?  We have a little bit of math, of science, less of history including one’s own biography.  The modern age was defined by its desire to rid us of our heritage and move us into the purported better and better future. The latest style is the object of our hearts desire. The past is merely a prison from which we must escape.  But instead, we have imprisoned our children in darkness and despair which now rises to new levels that many of us have not seen before.

This forgetfulness of the procession of history generates a deep blindness in modern education.  It permeates even the heart of the first transmitters of tradition and faith, that of the family.  Divorces and families without genuine marriage carry no pictures of the past on their walls or in their hearts.

The deepest loss in this forgetfulness is the procession of God as He over and over again loved all of our ancestors back to the first man and woman. This is where an authentic Catholic Montessori can re-awaken the depths of God’s love for each child and family by awakening them to the world that led up to them and to the world not merely as an object of utility but as created by a loving God that flows from the love of the Father for the Son in their Holy Spirit.  Clothing, food, carpentry, building towns and cities, one’s own family tree should be seen in this great light of God’s goodness and truth, His correction and healing.  Our families are filled with prodigal sons, some of whom never returned, but some who did. It is our stories remembered in pictures and sculptures, paintings and dramas, music and dancing that brings this past incarnately into our own bodies.


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