Three years ago is when I realized that I needed to turn to building a new kind of school and a new kind of training program.  At the time, I thought the term “program” could still be used though I did have some revulsion to it because of its Modernist roots.  However, now I have decided the term must be abandoned and as something that cannot be salvaged because it has too much cultural baggage that warps peoples minds when the think and imagine “programs.”  So, if we are setting up a training but not calling it a program, what is it?

Really, what we are creating is not a program but a new kind of school that follows all of the rhythms of nature rather than industry (this is not to say that industry is evil, but that the format of industry in the modern world is a serious problem and hence industry itself needs to be recast into something more akin to mom and pop shops).

This new kind of school has within it the life of a living organism and a living community of organisms.  Just as a living organism has different “systems” serving different needs and contributing to the whole, so a school should have the same.  A living organism has a respiratory system to bring in oxygen and a digestive system to bring in nutrients. And so a school should be a place that brings in food for the mind and activities for the will and body.  And just as the organism has a defensive system against bacteria and viruses, so a school should have a defense system to protect all of its members from those evils that are more like living organisms (bad bacteria) and those that are subtly destructive (like viruses).  And as an organism has bones for structure and muscles for movements, so a school needs a way of life that has structure and a breath of life that gives it a vibrant culture.  And finally, just as an organism is built to procreate, so a school should have the same.  

When one thinks along the lines of an industrial machine, a machine with its parts and makers of parts, its specializations into factories and retail centers, then training schools get setup in the same way.  But if the setup is more akin to an organism, then the school itself should have its own procreative facets.  And this is what an apprenticeship program would be.  There is then no needed for university schools of education (at least in the usual sense).  

So, more concretely, what does this school look like?

  1. A husband and wife run the school.  He is trained in John Henry Newman and the school of Saint Joseph.  She is trained in Maria Montessori and the school of Mary.  
  2. They setup the school in a location of their choosing.  They establish its relationships to the state and Church.  They build relations directly with families.  
  3. They hire help as needed.
  4. And once they have reached “procreative age” as a school, they then bring in another couple for training.  These couples apprentice, which means they help out, they watch as the couple runs the school, teaches children, build relationships with families, the state, and the Church.  This kind of an apprenticeship (and yes, it is worth a book of its own) becomes the procreative organ of a school and of the Schools of the Holy Family.  This allows for an organic growth of schools through regions and throughout the world more akin to how organism start in one place, and then move to suitable niches wherever they can do so.  This is how they become “fruitful and multiply.”