The world is in need of an educational breakthrough that brings into a unity the nature, state, and development of the child as discovered by philosophy, theology, modern science, and common sense.  This is not easy as many have tried to accomplish this over the centuries.  A key is to provide a way forward in these matters that is fruitful and enduring.  I propose to do this by bringing together some great minds both past and present who can provide the keys in this task.  Those names include Plato, Aristotle, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Blessed John Henry Newman, Maria Montessori, and Bernard Lonergan. There will be others of course, but in my own studies of these great minds, I have found the secret to their unity as it bears upon creating a four dimensional learning world for the flourishing of the human child. Others will join me in this project and have already done so.  I hope you can find some fruits that will help you to fulfill the responsibilities that have been placed in front of you, especially if those responsibilities are children.